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Bandeau présentant le marketing olfactif en haut de page, dans un hall d'immeuble comprenant un diffuseur de parfum
La Marque Olfactive's logo, olfactory marketing

La Marque Olfactive | Our offer

La Marque Olfactive proposes fragrance diffusers to be incorporated into your buildings. Whether you want to let your building show its prestige or merely stand out from the others, its olfactory identity will stay for a long time into the visitors’ minds. So why not let olfactory marketing stimulate senses and make your environment talk about you?

The olfactory memory is intricately linked to our emotions...

Bureau avec un diffuseur de parfum permettant de présenter le marketing olfactif

What is the value of olfactory marketing?

To create an olfactory identity through a home fragrance gives your buildings a strong identity et makes them unique.

You will soon discover how this can subtly rise your visitors’, tenants’ and potential customers’ attention and leave them with the long-lasting memory of a positive stay in your premises.

Salon ayant un diffuseur de parfum permettant d'optimiser le marketing olfactif

La Marque Olfactive | Our equipment

All of our fragrance diffusers are made in France. In case of a failing equipment, La Marque Olfactive secures the replacement of the devices during the contract life cycle.  

The home fragrances containers are made with recycled materials and are created in Grasse, Southern France.

Our high-quality equipment in brushed aluminium can be totally integrated into a duct, suspended ceiling or service cupboard.

The only condition is the presence of an electrical plug.

Salon avec un diffuseur de parfum sur un fond vert
Les Fragrances

La Marque Olfactive | Our fragrances

Our home fragrances are elaborated in France in accordance with the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) international regulations ‒ your guarantee of regulated, compliant and safe products. (Clik here for more information)

Create your unique olfactory identity among our extensive choice of 120 fragrances made in Grasse, in Southern France.


Floral, exotic, gourmand ... Discover our panel of 120 fragrances

La Marque Olfactive | Our philosophy

Olfactory marketing aims at efficiency and clarity: regardless of your situation ‒property, Asset, owner or developer ‒ we offer a turnkey service, starting with a site visit to establish feasibility and analyse the implantation options.

The selection of a home fragrance is a crucial step that should be undertaken with consideration, and we can help with that by providing samples to guide you.

We ensure the installation of the device and its programming after the diffusion times have been discussed and determined with you.

The service comes at a fixed price for better budget control, with an annual invoicing to facilitate management, and you will have only one contact person.

La Marque Olfactive insures implementation, primary programming settings and maintenance and refill of the scent containers.

La Philosophie
Entrée d'un immeuble comprenant un diffuseur de parfum d'ambiance. Explication du principe de marketing olfactif

Our references

Qui suis-je?

About us

La Marque Olfactive's founder, olfactory marketing

Thomas MERLO

With more than 10 years’ experience in commercial real estate asset management, I have an expert knowledge of the real estate global environment: brokers, property and owners’ expectations.

I am committed to equip buildings with ever more services, while containing the economic impact on rental costs for tenants.

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La Marque Olfactive's associate, olfactory marketing

Charlotte MERLO

My 15 years’ experience in the sector of ventilation ducts gave me a strong expertise in aeraulic processes for commercial, industrial and public buildings.

I am delighted to provide our fine expertise to create an elegant harmony between the aesthetics of your buildings’ entrance halls and their future olfactory signature!


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